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9 + Reasons Why Vacation Rentals Trump Hotels

Vacations are a time to relax, unwind and take a break from the pressures of your everyday life.

It’s a time to break away from all the stress, and simply enjoy a good time somewhere other than home. Am I right?

Now, travel can, at times, be pricey, but if you’re going to invest in anything, invest in something that’s worth your every dime!

When you’re planning your getaway, whether it’s by yourself or with your friends and family, finding the right accommodations should be at the very top of your list.

You’ll probably consider whether you should stay in a more expensive or less expensive hotel.

Well, how about neither.

Broaden your vacation experience and rent a vacation home instead!

Vacation rentals offer great value with added luxuries.

Here are over 9 reasons why vacation rentals trump traditional hotels.


1. Comfort

Vacation homes are 100 times more comfortable than hotels, and so much more like home.

What would you prefer? A cramped room with a mini-fridge and maybe a microwave (if you’re lucky), or a whole house with a full kitchen, dining area, backyard, multiple bedrooms and other great in-house amenities?

I’ll take the second option, please!

Just look at the space in this vacation rental in Kona Hawaii. It’s enormous. 5,140 square feet, and all yours to enjoy!


spacious vacation rental in kona hawaii


Most vacation rentals also come equipped with washers and dryers- extremely convenient, and something many hotels do not provide.


2. Privacy

If you enjoy privacy when on vacation, then you’ll definitely appreciate vacation rentals.

Unlike commercial hotels, motels, lodges, or inns where people are in or out on a 24/7 basis, a vacation home keeps you away from the hustle and bustle, and really allows you to embrace every moment of relaxation.

Another great thing about booking a vacation rental is that you don’t have to share your vacation!

You’ll have your own Wi-Fi, swimming pool, and yes, even your own bathrooms.

Each one of you will practically have your own space to do your own thing. This is important when you’re traveling with your family.

6 private bathrooms in kona hawaii vacation home

While each home is different, they all provide more personal space and private amenities than hotels.

You’ll also enjoy a good night’s rest without early morning knocks from housekeeping.

And couples can enjoy a private bedroom separate from the kiddos.

It’s just like home! Maybe even better ?


3. Safety

When staying at a vacation rental, you don’t have to worry about losing a family member in a busy hotel.

You won’t need to stress about the kids’ whereabouts when you’re all under the same roof!

The kids can play in the game room while you relax on the patio.

You can’t say the same for large, crowded hotels where you wouldn’t dare let the children leave your sight for a minute.

Also, many vacation rentals are in gated communities, and/or provide security systems, so you and your belongings are protected!


4. Price

Consider the savings when renting a vacation home as opposed to other lodging options.

An average hotel rate ranges between $100-$300 a night. You can rent a whole house for that! And in some cities, even less.

If you travel with a group, you can split the cost and make your vacation much more affordable.

Splitting the cost of a vacation rental can also make a luxury vacation experience easily possible. By combining funds, you’ll have a bigger accommodation budget.

So go ahead- treat yourself to an over the top vacation rental!


vacation rental in kona hawaii with full kitchen


5. Amenities

Now, let’s talk about food.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, food is the most expensive cost when traveling.

Having access to a kitchen cuts down that cost significantly.

The amenity of a full kitchen adds even more value to your accommodation dollars.

You can also save a chunk of change on parking by opting for a vacation rental.

It’s become normal practice for a hotel to charge parking fees, and these daily fees can really eat into your vacation budget.

When you book a vacation rental, say goodbye to basic hotel cable and having to pay for channels and movies.

You get way more bang for your buck with vacation rentals.

Hotels usually charge extra for amenities. Vacation rentals aren’t like that.

Most vacation rentals come equipped with DVD players, Bluetooth devices, game systems, private pools and so much more.


6. Variety

The availability of vacation homes has increased dramatically in the last few years.

There’s a wide variety of unique vacation homes to choose from in every city.

You can rent a cottage that sits beside a river or a bungalow on the beach.

You can choose a cabin, a lake house or even a treehouse…the possibilities are endless!

Vacation rentals have personalities, and they’re as unique as the people who own them.




7. Restrictions

In a vacation rental, you can enjoy late night activities, play games, watch movies and stay up as long as you want without the worry of upsetting your next-room neighbor.

There’s also much more flexibility to bring fido along. There are pet-friendly vacation rentals that not only allow pets but even include backyard for your furry friend.

Early check-out times and late check-in times at hotels are a drag.

With a vacation rental, you can often arrange a late check-out so you have time to whip up an omelette in your private kitchen, relax outside on your private deck or get a few extra winks before your departure.

While not all properties allow early check-ins or late checkouts, there are many owners who have the flexibility to offer it to their guests.

Now that sounds like a great way to complete a vacation.


8. Size

Vacation rental homes come in all different sizes- from 1 bedroom condos to 10 bedroom mansions.

If you’re looking to get the family together for a family reunion, a large vacation home or maybe even a few homes close together, would be an excellent choice for large groups.

If you’re looking to get away with that special someone, a smaller condo might fit you just right. There’s something for everyone, no matter your vacation genre.

Try a vacation rental yourself and you’ll definitely become a fan of the vacation rental lifestyle!


9. Hosts

When booking a vacation rental, you get the added benefit of dealing directly with a local expert like Shelly and Mark with Aloha Beach Vacations. They’re Hawaii vacation experts who offer a one-on-one experience that help visitors to Hawaii save time, money and hassle.

vacation rental hosts hawaii management company aloha beach vacations

A host can help you get the most out of your vacation- from the start of your travel planning process, not just when you arrive at the home.

Many hosts like Shelly and Mark have a curated list of hand-picked insider favorites. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with travelers.

A host knows their stuff. They aren’t just booking agents. You’ll discover what the must-see attractions are and which ones you should skip.

They can recommend the best restaurants, local spots and hole in walls.

Your host is your point of contact from beginning to end, usually resulting in a more fluid and consistent service experience.

Hosts don’t charge travel agent fees either. All of this service is a part of what’s included when you work with a service-focused host.

In my opinion, value is definitely the biggest reason vacation rentals trump hotels.

What do you like best about booking a vacation rental?

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