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About BreakAwayVR

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About The Break Away Vacation Rentals Movement
BreakAway Vacation Rentals is an alternative vacation rental website created by a group of progressive owners, professional property managers and top vacation rental marketing professionals.
Our mission at Break Away Vacation Rentals is to offer the alternative to large vacation rental websites by restoring a true peer-to-peer rental platform absent of the middleman and their large booking fees.
Why Is The Break Away Movement Important?
Many listing sites have removed phone numbers from listings. They’ve stripped travelers of the authentic experience of speaking directly with hosts. This is a huge disservice for the traveler as hosts are area experts.
Vacation rental sites are enforcing new policies on all who use their service. They’re taking these measures to prevent traveler’s from avoiding their booking fee.
We believe these steps to control transactions have created an unnatural booking process that isn’t sustainable in the open, connected world we live in today. This is why we’re “breaking away.”
Leading the movement is the BreakAway creator Jay William. Jay William is the CEO of BreakAway’s parent company, Villa Marketers – the longest standing vacation rental internet marketing company in the industry (est. 2005).
Jay’s accolades include being the exclusive vacation rental marketer for the world’s largest travel website – TripAdvisor.
In 2017 Jay had to pick a side, resigning from his position at TripAdvisor to join forces with small business owners who faced hardships because of these recent changes.
The BreakAway group consists of a cultivated team of expert marketers that work and collaborate with hosts under “one roof” for their common cause.
There’s Power and Wisdom In The Crowd.
Owners and property managers know their respective markets better than anyone.
Their ideas, suggestions and support are an invaluable resource for BreakAway and travelers. The Break Away community is helping to shape the platform. Together we’re creating the best alternative in the VR space.
The property is only one part of the decision to book. The host, their brand values and the service they provide are equally important.
The Break Away marketplace is one that embraces individual owners and brands.
We’ve created a peer-to-peer marketplace place where travelers can view more than the properties for rent, but the people and the brands behind them.
BreakAwayVR is more than a listing site. Since our inception, we’ve continued to expand our offerings for owners and managers to provide not just a marketing platform but the tools needed to be successful on and off of the BreakAway website.
We started by successfully creating the website as the marketplace to promote their properties. We’ve since developed a robust booking software for owners and managers to use on the BreakAwayVR site but also on their own websites.
We’re giving owners and managers the freedom to control bookings on their terms while providing the tools they need to achieve success.
There are many new features coming to our platform that will change the way you think about vacation rental listing sites.
We want to thank you for stopping by. We hope you’ll support the BreakAway Movement!
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