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Aspen – Where Ecological Stewardship Meets Beautiful Ski Trails

Aspen – Where Ecological Stewardship Meets Beautiful Ski Trails

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Colorado is the ski capital of the Rocky Mountains with over two dozens of resorts. Unquestioningly the most popular one among them is Aspen, which is also the preferred winter destination for Hollywood celebrities and those who are follow on their heels.

Skiing in Aspen is a paradise for all skiers – from amateur to professional since it provides four separate peaks which depending on your skills, vary with respect to the difficulty of the routes.

The 3,300-metre Aspen Mountain, also called Ajax by the locals, is certainly a mountain for experienced skiers only – novices have no place there, although there are three other easier ski resorts in this top area: Snowmass, Buttermilk, and Aspen Highland.
The area is also noted for its vibrant nightlife, the perfect antidote after a tiring day on the slopes.
They provide 281 ski routes on a terrain of 17 300 acres, ensuring excellent ski conditions with free bus rides and a ticket valid for all the ski lifts.

“Silver Queen” is the world’s longest lift, a deck cabin lift, which brings skiers to the height of 933 meters in a mere 15 minutes.

As the most famous ski resort in the United States and one of the most popular ones worldwide, Aspen is hard to beat.

There are not many places in the world that combine such a unique blend of sports and entertainment options.

Despite the fact that Aspen has the reputation of being a winter ski resort, it actually provides endless options for fun all year round.

Although the snow blanket disappears during the summer, the resort is no less attractive, with excellent golf conditions and the stunningly beautiful mountainous vistas.

When the snow melts, everything is covered in a fresh green carpet and alpine wildflowers.
When the ski season is over, other fascinations come to the fore: the powerful feeling of community and preserved lavish houses from the end of 19th century, built at the time of the silver boom in the nearby mines.

They all have as background the natural magnificence of the Rocky Mountains.

But Aspen is most beautiful in the winter time when it glistens like a fire in the foothills of the mountain on the gray, snowy afternoons.

You can combine the beauty of the picturesque scenery with one of the unpretentious but elegant vacation rentals.

On the year-round list of cultural events, the Summer Music Festival of Aspen stands out.

It’s a mini-Tanglewood, famous for the size and the variety of the musical program.

We need to point out that simultaneously with the rich and vigorous nightlife, special attention is paid to the ecological aspect of the resort.

The desire to eliminate as much pollution as possible, preserving the genuine appearance of nature, logically brought a line of “green- resort” prizes.

Using biodiesel is obligatory, and the solar-panel installations for electricity generating are just a part of Aspen’s Green policy.

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