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Barbados Vacation | Things To Do

Things To Do On Vacation In Barbados

Barbados: Caribbean Charm on Every Coast


One of the most alluring destinations in the Caribbean is Barbados. The island boasts beautiful, serene beaches, a rich history, eye-catching architecture, and an array of activities for any visitor. From English colonialism to delicious rum and seafood, check out what Barbados has in store.


On the western shore and along the southern coast, explore miles of soft sand, where sunbathers soak in the sun’s rays and relax to the soothing sounds of the waves hitting the shore. Join the scuba divers along the reefs or grab your board and hit the waves with surfers at Bathsheba Bay.  The waves aren’t the only awe-inspiring sight here. The cliffs and rocks are breathtaking and a great backdrop for a few photos.


The western coast is also the perfect area to rent a vacation villa. It is the perfect spot to view the spectacular sunsets from the privacy of your own deck or terrace. The colonial-style rentals also transport guests to earlier times on the island, letting the ambience of plantation houses mix with modern amenities such as a gourmet kitchen, luxury bedrooms, and more.

Visit Bridgetown and take in colonial bridges like Chamberlain Bridge, quaint, historic architecture like the Parliament Buildings, and statues of Nelson and other colonial figures important to the area. Stop into a rum bar and take a sip of the delightful drink while chatting with locals and tourists alike.


La Paloma – Fitts Village ...

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Things To Do On Vacation In Barbados Barbados: Caribbean Charm on Every Coast   One o [more]

In the northern region, visitors can view the remnants of plantations long gone as well as fishing towns. Stop by St. Nicholas Abbey, which dates back to the 1600s and is still active in sugarcane harvesting. Visitors to the museum can also explore the abbey’s rooms and be transported back in time to the early days of the island. And it wouldn’t be Barbados without a rum punch cocktail as part of your entry ticket!


Lush flowers and greenery make this Caribbean gem even more beautiful. Hunte’s Gardens displays the majesty of orchids, ferns, palms, and other indigenous, tropical plant life all in one area. More than a garden, Hunte’s is proud to be a sensory experience where guests can walk through various paths and nurseries to view what nature has to offer.


Stretching around the southern coast is the Barbados Boardwalk, the first boardwalk in the Caribbean. Whether you stroll or jog, the boardwalk runs from Rockley Beach to Coconut Court Beach. On your way you will encounter not only gorgeous palm trees and relaxing areas to sit and lounge, but also your choice in rum shacks to have a little taste of the Caribbean. In addition, the boardwalk is adjacent to great restaurants when you need a snack or lunch.


For more island fun, join the party at Oistins Fish Fry. Every Friday and Saturday night, the party extends from Welches to Miami Beach. Besides indulging in the best swordfish, mahi mahi, and lobster you’ll ever taste, enjoy live bands playing anything from reggaeton to samba. The festivities are a top choice by locals and visitors.


To view one of the most striking natural wonders in the Caribbean, head over to Harrison’s Cave. The cave and its underground passages feature fascinating stalagmites and stalactites along with echo chambers and mineral deposit formations that are millennia old. The knowledgeable tour guides offer guests tons of history and information about this popular attraction.


Animal lovers must visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. The reserve is at the edge of Farley Hill National Park near the St. Nicholas Abbey. Watch green monkeys swinging through the trees, exciting reptiles meandering around, and parrots with brilliantly colored feathers relaxing in their natural environment. While in Farley Hill, take in the spooky sight of the derelict manor house that was destroyed by a fire 50 years ago. The park also offers walking paths and glorious views of the east coast.


No matter what coast you visit, Barbados has the sights, sounds, and tastes to make your Caribbean experience one to remember.

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