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Things To Do In Clearwater, FL

The sandy white beaches in Clearwater feature crystal clear emerald green Gulf oceanwaters.

Did you know the ocean’s clarity actually goes down 70 feet?

Seeing the area from a helicopter would really give you a one-of-a-kind perspective of Clearwater’s beauty.

The name of the city was given by the original native settlers in their language as “Pocotopaug”, which literally means “clear water.”

The Native Indian settlers chose this name not because of the clear Gulf, but because of the numerous freshwater springs along the coast.

It wasn’t until the 1830’s that colonial settlers made the area their home. 60 years after settlement, the area was recognized as a resort community.

Today Clearwater is filled with fun-loving visitors and laidback locals! The community is friendly, open and very social.

Chatting with locals will definitely lead you to some hidden treasures of Clearwater like the best fishing spots and the best mom and pop restaurants.

You’ll also find where the best seafood is served up, which is actually anywhere in the Clearwater area. 😉


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The sandy white beaches in Clearwater feature crystal clear emerald green Gulf oceanwaters [more]

Clearwater has it all when it comes to entertainment.

It’s also conveniently located. You’re only a short drive from Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Cape Canaveral and some other great cities in Florida

There are plenty of activities for kids to enjoy like the pirate adventure and the marine aquarium.

Pirate Adventure 

The pirate cruise is a super safe and fun pirate adventure for kids, and eye patches are a must! There’s also a giant play area, featuring an arcade, an indoor playground and some great food.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The city’s aquarium is a must-see. It’s home to the famous dolphin, Winter, from Dolphin Tales!  The aquarium showcases many great educational activities for kids and parents alike.


Head down to Pier 60 for live bands, great shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Every night there is something different going on- from clowns and magicians parading the streets to toga-themed pier parties!

The pier’s themes are unpredictable and interesting, and the atmosphere is always warm and inviting.

There is also a great scene away from the coastline for more classy type of shindigs!

Murielle Winery

Head to this winery one day on your vacation for free tours and free wine tastings. Who doesn’t love free! It’s the oldest winery in Clearwater.

So there you have it!

Book a trip to Clearwater, Fl where there’s a new adventure waiting for you every day. At the end of your trip, it’ll probably be hard to say goodbye to this awesome beach city!

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