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Break Away Vacation Rentals Launches New Deal Feature

At Break Away Vacation Rentals, we’re continuously enhancing our platform with features and functions, so expect more to come in 2018!

Today we’re announcing our newest feature.

We’ve just developed a DEALS module on the BAVR website that allows property owners and managers to showcase special deals and promotions on BreakAwayVR.com.

We’re beginning to roll out this new feature to our earliest adopters to give them a chance to test it out before it goes live site-wide.

If you login into your BreakAwayVR account and see a DEALS section in your dashboard, then you’ve got early access to the feature!

We’ve created this feature to provide higher visibility for our owner’s and manager’s properties- helping them get more bookings during off-seasons, for special events and early-bird bookings.

Since a DEALS tab is usually the second most popular tab clicked on travel websites, we’ve included a new tab on the BreakAway homepage for travelers to discover your special offers.

In addition, we’ve added the feature for travelers to view your deals right from your vacation rental listing with a graphic that says DEALS.

We’ll also be using your deals to help further market your vacation rentals online. We’ll promote your deals on social media, within newsletters and in other media sources to attract more attention to your listings.

When a traveler clicks the deals button within your listing, your special offer will popup for travelers to consider.

If you would like to get additional exposure for your vacation rental, you’ll want to take the opportunity to add your deals as soon as possible!

It’s really simple to create a deal. Here are a few easy steps to post your deal.

Once you log into your account, you’ll see a new tab labeled DEALS in your dashboard menu. It’s located on the left menu.

You’ll then see an option to “add a deal”- Click on that link, then enter your deal!

Start by adding a catchy headline. Add an attention-grabbing image to get more people to click and investigate your offering.

You can add a deal description to spotlight your promotion.

Select a date range for when the deal is valid. This date range will determine when the deal should expire. All deals will expire after the “valid through” date has passed.

Once you’ve populated your deal, click save and your deal with be sent for review before being published.

Deals are usually approved within 24 hours.

That’s it! Easy!

And the best part- it’s free to post deals on Break Away Vacation Rentals! 😉



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