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Things To Do and See On Aruba Island

In this modern and very busy world, everybody wishes for a vacation once in a while. In fact, one of the very first things that comes to mind during holidays is where to go. People go on vacation for various reasons. Some do it simply for pleasure, while others do it to get rid of stress. Some may do it to just hang around while others do it for exploring new places. Whatever reason anyone may have for traveling, the Island of Aruba is definitely one of the best vacation destinations.

Aruba Island is popular for its beautiful beaches. However, beaches are not the only menu Aruba Island offers to tourists. Other than beaches, Aruba Island prides itself with scenic views of rock formations, beautiful desert landscapes, diverse restaurants, lively casinos, shop ‘til you drop shopping facilities and above all are tourist friendly and hospitable locals.

Before you pack your things and take your feet to Aruba Island, take a look first at the Island’s profile.

A piece of history
Aruba Island’s first settlers were a tribe from Venezuela known as “Arawak”. This tribe reached Aruba in an attempt to escape the much stronger tribe who attacked them. The Island was then discovered by Spain in the late part of the 1400’s. Due to the Spanish explorers who have discovered Aruba’s fantastic tales, Spain got interested with the island. Later on, Spain colonized Aruba for over a hundred years. In the middle of the 1600’s, Spain lost control over Aruba and the Island was taken over by the Kingdom of Netherlands since then. In 1983, Aruba gained autonomous status making the Island as a constituent country of the kingdom.

A glimpse to its climate and weather
Aruba is a country with a tropical climate which is ideal for beach escapades. Aruba has an average all year round temperature of 18 to 36 degrees Celsius. June to November has relatively higher temperature ranging from 26 to 36 degrees Celsius with June having the highest of up to 36 degrees Celsius. The months of December to February have the cooler temperature ranging from 18 to 32 degrees Celsius with January as the coolest.

A Diverse People
The people of Aruba have a diverse culture caused by the different races who occupied the island in the past. Yet despite their ethnic diversity, the first things that one can notice with the people of Aruba are their warm smiles and hospitality. These observations make Aruba a tourist friendly nation. The people in Aruba speak Dutch and Papiamento and the dominant religion in the island is Catholic. Other religions are also present such as Islam, Jewish, Protestant, etc.

Where to go

This is the main dish of Aruba. The beaches of Aruba are world class. What made them world class? Well, the beaches of Aruba not only have white sand but powder-like white sand. Moreover, the beaches are very clean and have crystal blue waters. To mention a few of the popular Aruban beaches, first in line is the Eagle Beach which is considered as the number one beach in the Caribbean. Next in line is the Palm Beach which is the home of Aruba’s lively bars, luxurious hotels, and shops. Third in line is the Boca Catalina Beach. This beach is ideal for those who love snorkeling.

Man made and natural treasures
Among the tourist destinations of Aruba are the parks, museums and natural scenery’s. Wilhelmina Park which is a water park and Arikok national park which is the seat of Quadirikiri Cave offers a relaxing and refreshing experience of Aruba. The Aruba Historical Museum and Numismatic Museum of Aruba enables one to get a glimpse of Aruba’s rich history. Natural scenery’s such as the Natural Bridge which is a naturemade bridge and the Natural Swimming Pool add to the attractions that one can see in the island.

The casinos
If you are in a quest for fortune then you are in the right place. Aruba’s casinos have all the fortune games that you have in mind. Name it and they’ve got it. Just to name a few of Aruba’s lively casinos, number one is Stellaris Casino followed by Copacabana Casino and then comes Seaport Casino.

Aruba Island has lots of festivities which everyone must see. Examples of these festivals are: the annual soul and R&B music festival during May, the Aruba Heineken Catamaran Regatta which features world class catamaran racers and the annual Aruba Hi-wind surfing competition which brings wind surfers from around the world to compete with one another.

What more can you ask for in Aruba Island? It your one stop island for relaxation, adventure, fine dining, fortune hunting, shopping and more.


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