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Discovering Denver’s Beauty

Discovering Denver’s Beauty

Visit the Rocky Mountains. When you’re in Denver, this is a definite must-do.

Just 15 miles west of town you will be able to see a view that it absolutely breathtaking. Here you can hike, ski, or snowboard while appreciating the scenery and just having a good time.Denver, the largest city in Colorado is also known as “The Mile-High City” owing to the fact that its altitude is 5,280 feet.

Lying near the Rocky Mountains, the city’s culture still shows its cowboy and mining history, however urban it has already become.

Denver, Colorado has four seasons. The winter months, December to March, can bring snowstorms and very cold temperatures.

Major blizzards occur generally about once every six years. Spring, when trees begin to bud, lasts from late March to mid-May or June.

The summer season starts sometime around mid-June and the heat generally lasts until late August, with a couple of rain showers beginning mid-July.

Autumn in September offers clear blue skies along with the changing colors of the leaves, but light snowfall may already be expected sometime in October.

Things to Do and Enjoy

Go to the museums and become aware of the city’s culture and architecture.

Some suggested places to visit are the Black American West Museum and Heritage Center, Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys, Museo de las Americas, Denver Mint, and Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

Stroll through the colorful parks and gardens.

Denver’s City Park has a wide expanse that houses two lakes, plenty of playgrounds and fields, as well as the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science.

Other notable parks include the Denver Botanic Gardens for plant lovers and science enthusiasts, Washington Park with it’s soccer field and tennis courts amidst wonderful natural scenery, Chessman Park with a history of being haunted since it used to be a cemetery, and Confluence Park where you can go swimming or kayaking in the river.

Have fun in the amusement parks. You may go to Lakeside Park, a relatively inexpensive amusement park, to enjoy its roller coaster ride called Cyclone.

You may also opt to visit the bigger Elitch Gardens with lots of rides and plenty of entertainment or visit the largest water park in the nation, Water World.

The Butterfly Pavilion is another alternative amusement center that features more than a thousand butterflies, plus some scientific learning activities and interactive exhibits.

Go shopping. At Cherry Creek Shopping District, you will find 500 department stores, spas, galleries, and different shops.

Listen to a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Visitors Center. A large and well-known concert venue, this 9,000 seat arena is carved from red rock monuments.

Join the Coors Brewery Tour.

The tour shows the process of brewing Coors beer and gives free samples at the end if you’re 21 years or over.

There are definitely lots of things to do and many places to visit in and around this beautiful city, which is surrounded by magnificent views of nature that you can enjoy all year round.

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