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Visit Folly Beach South Carolina

Just half an hour from Charleston’s international airport and fifteen minutes from downtown lies a dreamy vacation destination known as Folly Beach.


Folly beach is described by locals as the Edge of America.


This charming barrier island town boasts wonderful sunrises and sunsets, expansive beaches and true southern hospitality. There is no ‘folly’ to be seen here!


The name comes from the old English meaning dense foliage. Folly Beach is down to earth, modest and far removed from other ‘country club’ type resorts.



You’ll find some of the finest food on the coast while on Folly Beach. Seafood, naturally, is particularly popular and plentiful, and usually comes straight off the boat. Crab is a specialty on Folly Beach and you couldn’t do better for a sumptuous but laid-back meal than to visit the Crab Shack on Center Street. It’s rated one of the best restaurants in all of Charleston.


Summer temperatures stay in the high 80s, making it a very comfortable vacation destination with lovely onshore breezes. The climate is delightful all year round, with absolutely no snow and over 200 sunny days.


At the far eastern tip of the island, you’ll find an incredible vista looking towards the Morris Island Lighthouse. There are three county parks here that are perfect for walking or gazing into the distance at the landmark.


The fishing pier stretches out almost 320 meters into the Atlantic Ocean. There are regular fishing competitions here and all the equipment you’ll need can be rented at the pier’s own shop. It’s also a great place to spot bottle nose dolphins who are also doing some fishing of their own!


Readily-caught species on Folly Beach include red fish, spotted sea trout, mackerel, bluefish and shark.


There are several charter companies available including Charleston Charter Fishing and Captains Source.


Folly Beach is home to many endangered species and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to watch quietly as loggerhead turtles come in to build their nests. You may also spot a few bald eagles flying high above you.


There are numerous wildlife spotting cruises available, plus kayaking and canoeing both through the saltwater marshes and on the long beaches.


For the sailors, there are two small marinas behind the island itself in sheltered inlets.


Surfers, check out the Washout at 10th Street.


There are also tons of surfing events throughout the year.


For the younger crew, there are three water parks you can hit and also there’s the South Carolina Aquarium with over 10,000 cool species.


Folly Beach Country Park, at the west end of the island, boasts 2,500 foot of beach frontage. Along with the sandy beach, there are snack bars, gift shops, boardwalks and shower facilities.


Whatever the time of year and whatever takes you fancy, Folly Beach is a perfect beach destination with a warm southern welcome.

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