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How To Write A Vacation Rental Description For Buyers! – By Jay William

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to write a vacation rental description you’ve got to start here!

Reminder- Renting is selling, and if you’re going to sell, you have to know who you’re selling to. You also need to know how to sell it to them. How do you present your product to travelers in a way that it matters to them and doesn’t fade into the background?

You can write your description in a way that makes your property more appealing to travelers! But how, exactly, do you do that?

Start With Your Buyer Persona!

That’s where a buyer persona comes in handy. A buyer persona is like a customer snapshot. You should use it like a cheat sheet and reference it when writing your vacation rental advertising material.

A buyer persona is a picture of the customer you’re attracting – and possibly the one you would like to attract. It’s a reminder of what’s important to your customers.

Your persona is a profile you’ve developed based on market research, your discovery process and information you’ve obtained from existing customers.

In order to get the full view of your buyer persona, it’s important to survey travelers that didn’t book with you and learn from those guests that may have left you a not so great review. Following these practices will help you understand your customers’ goals, expectations, likes and dislikes.

Are you attracting the type of guests you want? If not, it could be a result of how you’re presenting your property. Creating a buyer persona will help you create alluring advertising content that your target travelers will magnetically cling to.

Sure you may think to yourself, “I know who my buyers are” – and you may have a good idea, but have you taken the time to create a proper buyer profile? Taking this step is helpful for several reasons. It can help to take you from the place of being a vacation rental hobbyist to becoming a true professional in this competitive industry.

An important reason for developing your buyer persona is that you should also develop your “negative persona” as part of that process.

What Is A Negative Persona?

A negative persona is basically the opposite of your buyer persona.

A negative persona defines the type of customers you don’t want. Knowing your negative persona helps prevent some of the issues we discussed in the article – Ever had a guests you wished you never booked?  It can also help you to save money by avoiding marketing to people who are in your “negative persona” group.

Prevent Problems and Propel Profits

This quote from Dr. Phil pretty much sums it up – “Half of the solution to a problem is defining it.” Solve problems before they happen. Define your buyer personas and your negative personas, and you’ll be able to sculpture your marketing to attract great buyers who love you and your property!

Creating a buyer persona will also help you to become a better marketer! When you clearly define your buyer personas you’ll discover what motivates those people to book. You’re able to write your description in a way that connects to the core emotional reasons why they’re looking to buy (in this case, rent) in the first place. So, how do you identify your buyer personas? Here’s a start –

Ask yourself:

Who are these people? Are they couples, honeymooners, single men or ladies, younger, older, families, large groups, or a mix? You could have a couple of groups you want to target, so it’s a good practice to write down the different types of groups you want to appeal to.

Then ask, what do they like to do while on vacation? Golfing, sightseeing, boating, nightlife, surfing, hiking or snorkeling. Identify the activity types that would be most beneficial to attract to your vacation rental. We want to understand the audience’s interest.

No matter what they like to do, there is a reason why they enjoy doing it. So, ask yourself, why do they like to partake in those activities? This one is key to tapping into people’s emotional triggers.

If you look at the core of these actions, they’re based on achieving a desired experience. That’s what we need to tap into when we’re promoting our vacation rentals properties.

Don’t just bring up that there is skiing or hiking trails nearby (how lame!) Are you guilty of creating this type of superficial vacation rental marketing content? If you are, don’t fret because the fix is simple! Edit your content! For example someone may say, “I like to shop.” But let’s look deeper into what that could mean. Why do they like to shop?

Is it that they like the feeling of the hunt for a good deal? Do they enjoy experiencing something foreign or new? Is it that they want to capture their memories in the souvenirs they buy? Tapping into these experiences in your descriptions as opposed to mentioning a “shopping plaza” will make your content come alive, reach out and grab people and pull them in.

What are their goals?
You want to know what most people want out of their vacation and deliver this “virtual experience” in your vacation rental marketing. I like to ask clients, “What’s important to you?” This type of question will reveal answers. For example, some will want to relax, spend time with family, get away from work, or experience the culture.

The golden rule of business is to understand your customers, find out what they want and give it to them! This goes beyond the product but also into the presentation and sales material.

The goal here is to understand our audience in order to write a description that connects with those buyers in a much more meaningful way. Too many of us are writing our vacation rental descriptions without putting thought into our messaging!

Think of the who, what and why they do things, then write about those desired experiences within the description of your vacation rental and you’ll connect deeper with guests, making your advertising “sticky” in the minds of those who encounter it.

If you can hone in on the buyer personas with your descriptions and marketing content – addressing their specific wants, needs and desires – you’ll effectively tap into their emotional buying triggers and get them to react to your marketing.

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