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Mammoth Lakes – Where You and Your Family Can Have Mammoth Fun

Whether the summer sun is high in the sky or the winter season is approaching, Mammoth Lakes in California always has so much to offer: from the most exciting ski vacation to breathtaking extreme sports like hiking, kayaking, and even hot air ballooning.

If you feel tired of lying down on the beach all day long or shopping in the city center, if you are looking for an exciting and active holiday, Mammoth Lakes is where you want to be.

Mammoth Lakes, a popular tourist destination, is situated nine miles northwest of Mount Morrison, 7,880 feet above sea level.

In the summer you can go fishing, hiking, biking, mountaineering, running, skateboarding and birding.

Amongst the traditional sports, there is also golf, tennis, and swimming.

For people who are not currently looking for sports activities, there is also sightseeing, photography and wildlife exploration.

For family vacations, Mammoth Lakes offers arts and culture, camping and other family activities.

And when you feel exhausted after a long day, there are also exclusive spa services.

If you wish to spend your winter holidays on Mammoth Lakes you have made the right call because it is the perfect place for snowboarding, ice skating, winter mountaineering and downhill skiing.

In your spare time you can visit the Mammoth Ski Museum, which opened in 2004.

It features many artifacts, posters and photos.

The history of the resort dates back to the late 19th century when the Mammoth Mining Company was developed in order to mine into Mammoth Hill, which was the cause of a gold rush.

Settlers eventually put down roots in the mining camp, which was later named Mammoth City.

Two years later the company was shut down and the population of Mammoth City declined to fewer than 10 people.

The current town of Mammoth Lakes is relatively young; it was incorporated in 1984. Nowadays, according to the 2010 US population census, Mammoth Lakes has a population of 8,234 residents.

All residents share a responsibility to make Mammoth a unique and amazing place to stay.

The site offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience, confirmed by a large number of guests and residents of the resort.

Mammoth Lakes is easy to get to, as it is centrally located in the Eastern Sierra region of the State of California, close to open highways.

The nearest airport is Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH) located in six miles or 10 minutes from Mammoth Lakes.

The town is surrounded of acres of forests and shares a border with the Ansel Adams and John Muir Wilderness Area.

The resort offers more than 75 different places for dining and about 4,800 rentable units.

Results from the 2007 Visitor Survey indicate that an average visitor stays five nights per visit during the summer and four nights in winter.

With a lot to offer, Mammoth Lakes attracts many tourists every year wishing for a different and exciting holiday.

If you are looking for an unforgettably thrilling and inspiring experience for your next vacation, Mammoth Lakes will fulfill all your wishes.


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