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Things To Do In Michigan

Did you know the name Michigan comes from the word mishigama which means large lake?

This is quite fitting considering Michigan is known as the Great Lakes Region.

Bounded by four major lakes, Michigan boasts the longest freshwater shoreline in the United States, so if you intend to spend most of your time in water on your vacation, Michigan is the perfect place!


At the top of your list of places to visit should be the Henry Ford Museum.

There are many things to explore at this museum! For one, the automobile collection is excellent- you’ll see a Bugatti Royale Type 41 convertible, a Ford 999 Racer and a 15 Millionth Ford Model T Touring car among others.

The most famous on display are the presidential limousines. You’ll discover the Ronald Reagan limousine, the John F. Kennedy limousine, the Dwight D. Eisenhower “Bubble Top”, the Franklin D. Roosevelt “Sunshine Special” and the Theodore Roosevelt Horse-drawn Brougham.

Have you heard of the house of the future? If you haven’t, you can witness it as this museum! It’s a prototype created by visionary architect R. Buckminster Fuller called the Dymaxion House. The house was designed to be the strongest, lightest and most cost-effective house to have been ever built.

Another equally thrilling exhibit is the Heroes of the Sky. This exhibit displays the first 40 years of aviation history from the first flight to the various aviators in aviation history. There, you can experience the Wright Flyer Replica, the 1939 Douglas DC-3 and the 1939 Sikorsky VS300A helicopter.

Michigan Renaissance Festival
You’ll be hypnotized as you experience the jousting tournaments at this festival!

During the tournament, you’ll witness gallant knights on horseback and in full armor defending their honor until the last man left standing is declared the winner.

More entertainment is followed by sword swallowing, belly dancers, comedians and musicians.

Nature and Wine off the Vine Adventure
If you want a laid-back vacation, nothing beats being near nature!

Take a journey to where the best wines of Michigan are born. You’ll witness endless rows of vines and grapes, and the scents are amazing.

You can also experience wine tasting, attend a wine-making class or even a harvest celebration.

You’ll be amazed by the colors of the trees and plants along the coasts and highways. You can also sample the fresh fruits and vegetables of Michigan produce.

Shopping and Dining in Michigan
We all know a vacation would not be complete without shopping.

You’re in luck because in metro Detroit, you can shop till you drop!

The city has acres of shopping malls- whether you’re looking for popular brands or unique pieces, you’ll find it.

Boating in Michigan
If you’re into boating, you’ll be very pleased to know that Michigan ranks third in the number of registered recreational boats in the country.

The boating experience in Michigan is unmatched.

What really makes the experience extraordinary is the hundreds of plants and animals along the inland lakes and rivers that you’ll discover.

Instead of riding in power boats like you would in open and bigger waters, you can also canoe through the numerous streams and trout waters in Michigan.

Here are some more of the best places of interest to explore:

A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum

Tahquamenon Falls

American Museum of Magic

Arab American National Museum

Marquette Park (Mackinac Island)

Grand Hotel (Mackinac Island)

Little Sable Point Light

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake shore

Andrew Blackbird

Air Zoo

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