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Mission Beach California Vacation

If you visit San Diego, you must spend a day or a two at Mission Beach! With its great attractions, beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife, Mission Beach offers an awesome vacation experience.

North Mission Beach is mostly residential with funky apartments along the beach and even funkier clothing stores and smoothie bars.

Take a walk down the beach and you’ll find some interesting things!

Sometimes, after a storm out in the open water, the waves reach 6-7 ft and the surfers are amazing.

At the end of the beach, you’ll find tons of fishermen and you can watch the boats sail through the Harbor Channel.

Just half a mile off the coast lies a hidden gem! There are a pile of shipwrecks that imitate a reef, and it has become a Disneyland for divers! So if you are a fan of diving adventures, South Mission Bay is definitely the place for you.

Book a yacht cruise and enjoy a breathtaking view of the perfect, sunset evening or take a tour around San Diego Harbor with a speedboat. You can be the captain of your own adventure and navigate the boat!

You can witness giant blue whales during their migration and dolphins too by going on a summer Giant Blue Whale Watching cruise.

Mission Beach is also great for kids with its thrilling rides and games. You can even choose between a surf beach or the lagoon if you have smaller children.

Mission Beach is easy to access and perfect for all sorts of beach games like Frisbee, volleyball and more. Every time you visit, you will discover something new and exciting. There is a lot to see; you only need to have the time!



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If you visit San Diego, you must spend a day or a two at Mission Beach! With its great att [more]


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