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Unravel the Beauty of New York City



Do you know what the most populated city in the United States is? If you answer New York City, then you’re dead on. According to the 2010 census, as much as 8,175,133 people live in this 305 square mile city. New York City holds the title of being the most densely populated city in the country. Moreover, it is considered as the most linguistically diverse city in the world since up to 800 languages are spoken here. The diversity can be attributed to the city’s history of welcoming the world through its ports.

Without a doubt, New York City offers a wide variety of experiences that will forever be part of your life.

A Glimpse of New York City History
It was in 1524 when Giovanni da Verrazano discovered the City and named it Nouvelle Angoulême. But it was only in 1614 when a settlement was established. The first settlers were the Dutch who established a fur trade in the area. One curious historical fact stands that the Island of Manhattan was purchased by Peter Minuit from the Native Americans for 60 guilders (approximately $1,000.00 in current value).

The name New York was given when the English won it from the Dutch in honor of the English Duke of York. Under the British rule, New York became a vital port for international trade.

Apart from the economic significance of New York, it is also a political focal point for the Early United States. In fact, it was even named capital in 1785 after the war making it the last capital under the Articles of Confederation and likewise the first under the Constitution of The United States. The history of New York and in particular Wall Street extends from housing the first United States Congress and the Supreme Court and more importantly the Bill of Rights was drafted at the Federal Hall.

The political and economic significance of New York City continues to shape the country. In fact, it is still one of the most important cities for commerce, international trade and politics. On September 11, 2001, it came under attack as almost 3,000 lives were taken in the World Trade Center Attack. On the site, known as Ground Zero, many mourned the loss of friends, family and co-workers. But more importantly the cry for justice in this heinous act perpetrated by lawless individuals.

The Beautiful City
As of 2008, as much as 5,538 high rise buildings adorn the cityscape of New York. 50 of these are skyscrapers reaching the height of more than 656 feet or 200 meters. Apart from the towering structures like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Tower, New York building tops are known for their wooden water towers. This was a way for buildings higher than 6 stories to reduce the need for extra water pressure to provide water for the people in it. To this day, these water towers are used and regularly maintained.

Visiting New York is not complete if you don’t enjoy the well-preserved parks. Among the parks that you must visit are Central Park which is an 883 acre park in Manhattan, Prospect Park, a 90 acre park in Brooklyn and the flushing Meadows- Corona Park. Moreover, Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Gardens are included in the 7,000 acre space dedicated to parks in the Bronx area.

The beautiful landscape is made even more breath taking by the wide range of climate. New York City has an average high of 84 0F in summer and an average lowest 26.2 0F in the winter. This creates a spectacular backdrop especially during the change of seasons.

Can’t Sleep in New York
There is always something great to do in New York. The bustling entertainment and activities vary providing something for everyone. As one of the hubs for entertainment and culture, the Big Apple hosts more than 2,000 organizations dedicated to the arts and more than 500 art galleries. New York City is a city that is always on. You will never have a dull moment. That is why New York City is known as the city that never sleeps.

Here’s a short list of additional places that are a must see:

    • Empire state Building
    • Statue of liberty
    • Ellis Island
    • Broadway theaters
    • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Central Park
    • Rockefeller Center
    • Times Square

Shopping along Fifth Ave

It is also a good idea to pencil in some of the events that put New York at the spotlight:

  • Greenwich Village’s Halloween Parade
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • New Year’s in Times Square

Make no mistake about it, when you’re in New York, you will experience history,entertainment and most importantly a dash of cultural diversity.


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