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Amazing Vacation Rentals With No Booking Fees!

Did you know – vacation rental websites are charging travelers an added “booking fee?” How much is this booking fee? It’s not pennies, and the charge is often hidden.

These fees can be upwards of $500. In some cases, the fee is even higher. The charges are added to the owner and manager’s rental rates. Unfortunately, travelers are often unaware and misinformed about these charges.
So, what do you get for the extra fee you’re paying? Nothing! It’s just a service fee for using their website. The fees go by a few different names, such as “booking fee”, “traveler fee” or “service fee.”
It’s a charge on top of the fee the owner pays to advertise on those sites. With all of these fees, the price to book a vacation rental has become unnaturally inflated. Vacation rental websites that charge booking fees have created numerous problems for owners, manager and travelers (who pay for it). 
So, how can you get a top vacation rental for the lowest price? Don’t Overpay – Deal Direct.
Welcome To BreakAwayVR.com 
NO middleman! BreakAwayVR is a free service for travelers. BreakAway Vacation Rentals was birthed to help everyone break away from unnecessary vacation rental booking fees.
There’ no reason to pay more. At Break Away you have access to the best vacation rentals and hosts. 

Created By A Community Of Passionate Vacation Rental Hosts

BreakAway Vacation Rentals is a community of owners and managers. We’ve come together to offer a fair alternative for travelers and hosts to rent vacation homes.
The vacation rentals on BreakAwayVR are offered by some of the most passionate and proactive hosts in the biz. 
We care about travelers and the future of the vacation rental industry. We believe travelers should be able to enjoy vacation homes without fees!
BreakAwayVR was established to save you money, help you enjoy a better service and an unparalleled vacation rental experience by dealing directly with hosts. 
After-all, owners and managers know their area and rental better than anyone. We offer a more genuine “local” experience with the best help, service and tips for travelers.

Top Vacation Rentals From Around The World – Minus Booking Fees

Browse our site, and find amazing vacation rentals, cabins, condos and even houseboats. Our vacation rentals are located across the globe. They come in different shapes and sizes – we’ve got the perfect one for you.


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