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Orlando The Metropolis of Florida

Things To Do In Orlando


Orlando is a major metropolis at the heart of the State of Florida. Nicknamed The City Beautiful and O-Town, this patch of heaven is a well-known vacation destination to everyone around the world. But Orlando has much to tell other than its current fame as one of the world’s top resort and vacation spot.

Historical tidbits
You might be surprised to know that Orlando was very different back then. In contrast to the buzz that O-Town is generating, back then it didn’t make a blip in anyone’s radar. In fact, when Europeans came to settle here the region was sparsely populated. Even the Native American tribes did not have larges settlements here.

Surprising enough, Orlando became the seat of Orange County in 1856. But in spite of this it remained rural. Moreover, Orlando had to endure many trials from the Union Blockade during the Civil War to the Great Freeze which ruined the citrus industry and ended the Golden Era (1887 to 1895) of the city in 1895.

With several bursts of population increase marred with economic, political and even dismal weather, Orlando experienced ups and downs through out its history.

Orlando, Florida, after having to contend with the fall of the citrus industry in 1895 begun its next push forward when it became the preferred vacation spot to many. Even before Walt Disney set up shop Orlando had a reputation as a popular resort destination during the Spanish-American War until WWI. This time the Florida Land Boom paved the way to a flourishing real estate industry. Unfortunately the momentum was stopped by numerous hurricanes in 1920. To make matters worse, the Great Depression struck. Like much of the country during this time, economy, employment and even day to day living was a struggle.

Orlando becomes the center of tourism in Florida
The pivotal event that put Orlando on the map permanently was the decision of Mr. Walt Disney by making his dream of creating a magnificent theme park into a reality. Although there were other places to visit like Miami and Tampa, Orlando provided a better choice as it was inland. In 1971, the vacation destination opened to the public and ushered in a new era for Orlando.

Today, several attractions draw millions of tourist from around the world annually.

  • Universal Studios, Orlando
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure
  • Sea World, Orlando
  • Clear Water Beach
  • Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and other Disney Theme parks
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Discovery Cove
  • Aquatica
  • Daytona International Speedway
  • Fantasy of Flight

Without question, tourism is the major economic machinery of the city.

Florida Sun
Known as “The Sunshine State” Florida is literally the perfect hot spot. In fact, many tourists choose Orlando for its relatively warm weather. Although Orlando plays host to some hurricanes, the risk is not as high as other areas like Miami and Tampa (and other coastal areas).

The average high temperature of 920F is felt June through August and the average lowest is at 500F during January. This range of temperature makes it ideal for many individuals thus making Orlando the perfect place to visit all year round.

The population explosion
Although Orlando is a vacation place, the 2010 census shows that 238,300 individuals call Orlando home. In a ten year span, the population of the City has shot up 28.2% from 2000 to 2010. Furthermore, it is just curious to mention that back in 1890 only 2,656 people called Orlando their home (a little over 1% of the latest population census). In addition, the population reached 27,330 in 1930 from only 9,282 in 1920. This was a 194.4% increase that still stands as the highest increase in Orlando’s history.

Orlando has truly risen from the adversities it faced through out its history. Today, it stands proud to be one of the world’s premiere holiday spots in the world. Needless to say, Orlando has endured much but has shared even more to people all over the world.


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