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10 Best Places To Visit In Jamaica | Things To Do

1. Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios

Swim with fascinating sea creatures in one of the most astonishing tropical forests in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. 
One of the absolute best experiences while on vacation in Jamaica is, without any doubt, Dolphin Cove. Voted the #1 attraction in Jamaica, the experience will leave you with memories for a lifetime. If you can’t keep up with the tempo of the dolphins, you can swim with the stingrays or sharks!

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2. YS Waterfall

YS Waterfall is the rough diamond of Jamaica’s top tourist attractions. Situated in the rural area of St. Elizabeth in the centre of a papaya plantation, YS Waterfall fascinates travelers with its eight-level cascades.  This unspoiled site is reached by a tractor, and thus where the adventure begins.  You can also swim and dive into the pools and even swing on the nearby ropes like Tarzan!

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3. Negril

Negril is a little piece of heaven on the Jamaican coast. Located on the Western part of the island, Negril is a beautiful tourist destination. Stunning coral reefs and calm crystal-clear waters make it one of the best diving places in the whole Caribbean region. Take a boat to Booby Cay or a canoe to the natural preserve Great Morass and take in the wonders of magnificent palms, exotic birds and even crocodiles. Don’t miss the chance to sunbathe on one of world’s best beaches – Seven Mile. It’s where soft white sands and translucent Caribbean waters welcome you. 


4. Montego Bay

Montego Bay is yet another pearl in the crown of Jamaica. The second largest town in the Caribbean country offers a unique mixture of traditional Jamaican experience and modern resort relaxation. With its pristine beaches and light ocean breeze, you will never want to leave Montego Bay. The city has both historical and natural sites to explore and indulge in. Relax with a cocktail on the gorgeous Caribbean sand and then party “island style” or visit Doctor’s Cave beach, one of the most exquisite in Montego Bay, and enjoy the beauty of crystal clear waters, coral reefs, and white sand. 

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1. Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios Swim with fascinating sea creatures in one of the most astonish [more]




5. Martha Brae River

Just near the Montego Bay lies the splendid Martha Brae River. The river offers bamboo rafting- one of the best experiences in Jamaica. The three-mile rafting adventure across the splendid district of Martha Brae River lasts around an hour. Enjoy watching jungle flora and fauna floating on the stunning calm river while relaxing with your loved ones.  According to local legends, there is golden treasure buried there!

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6. Port Antonio

Port Antonio is one of the biggest ports in Jamaica and is an intriguing tourist center. The allure of Port Antonio, with its previous glory as one of the world’s banana capitals, and the spectacular nature sites, still fascinates visitors to this day. From the spectacular deep Blue lagoon to the magnificent Blue Mountains, this gem will surely impress you. 


7. Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls located near Ocho Rios is truly spectacular. This is one of the few waterfalls that flows directly into a sea. Before connecting to the Caribbean Sea, the river creates cascades with height of more than 180 metres. The stair-like levels offer thrilling climbing towards the top of the waterfall. Escalating towards the top occurs in groups in which people hold hands and travel up together. This attraction simply cannot be missed as it features so much fun for the family and gorgeous views. Discover this living natural phenomenons and the tropical surroundings of the picturesque area.

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8. Alligator Pond

Alligator Pond is a small charming city in the south-western coast of Jamaica. It is said to offer some of the best fishing spots in the Caribbean country. A true fishermen paradise, Alligator Pond is named after the nearby mountain shaped like the back of an alligator. Nestled in the foot of the Don Figero Mountains, Alligator Pond is far from the crowded tourist resorts but impresses with its authentic Jamaican atmosphere. The superb beaches and crystal waters make it perfect for diving, snorkelling, boating and tanning under the Caribbean sun.  If you want a glimpse into the authentic Jamaica, visit Alligator Pond.


9. Blue Mountain Jamaica

The Blue Mountains is the most extensive mountain chain in Jamaica. The Blue mountains feature Jamaica’s highest summit, Blue Mountain peak, and offers spectacular trails for hiking and exploring the majestic hills.
Climbing the Blue Mountains will leave you breathless as the views revealed from the higher points are, to say the least, spectacular. Discover the Jamaican jungle exploring the enchanting Blue Mountains.

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10. Fern Gully

 The Fern Gully is a great last stop while touring Jamaica. Located in the Ocho Rios region, Fern Gully is an intriguing tropical canyon. You can travel through it by a 4 km picturesque drive. The name of the site comes from the diverse fern species that grow around here. You will discover more than 300 species of fern that have grown over 3 meters. While hiking, you may run across local craftsmen selling gorgeous traditional sculptures and carvings. Fern Gully offers a genuine experience into the wild Jamaica that is just the perfect ending of exploring the divine Caribbean island.
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