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Rentalier Vacation Rental Marketing Training Courses and Material


Anyone can call themselves an owner, host or property manager but what do you call a professional owner or manager? Until now we’ve all been lumped together – the hobbyist, the incompetent, scammers, and the professionals.

So how do you differentiate yourself from the rest? What do you call an experienced VR professional or one in training?

There’s now a word to describe this very important profession that I’m so proud to be a part of.


Be Proud To Be A Rentalier!

Yes, you “own it” or “manage it” but is that all you do?  Is that how you should be defined?

If you’re more than an “owner,” if this isn’t just a hobby for you, if you’re serious about your rental business, you deserve to be called a professional. You deserve to be called a Rentalier.

There’s now a way to differentiate yourself and your brand from other owners and managers who don’t take their business as serious as you.

Now there’s a standard of professionalism to be recognized by. It’s a professional title your guests will respect. What’s more impressive and interesting “I am a Vacation Rental Owner” or “I’m a Professional Rentalier?” Imagine how that title appears to guest when it’s next to your name.

A Rentalier is an owner, manager, agent or entrepreneur pursuing a successful career in the vacation rental industry. A business minded person who cares about their customers and the future of their business that’s a Rentalier.

Much like hotel owners proudly call themselves Hoteliers, a professional rental owner can also be proud of their profession as a Rentalier.


The Rentalier Program

The vacation rental industry is experiencing explosive growth. It’s become a lucrative and respected career but until now there wasn’t an official “handbook.”

As the vacation rental business continues to boom, more people will flock to join our industry.

“The industry is believed to be worth $100 billion, and Research and Markets predicts the global vacation rental market will close in on $170 billion by 2019” (Skift)

With this type of growth, there’s a fundamental need for education, mentorship, and training to help managers, owners, and agents.

There are few requirements needed to enter the vacation rental business. The truth is many owners have found themselves in the vacation rental business by accident.

Without experience in business, sales, marketing, hospitality, technology, and travel, it can be challenging for anyone to wrap their head around everything needed to run a successful vacation rental business.

The failure to create and make available structured training resources for owners and managers will lead to an increase in dissatisfied guests, complaints, continued fragmentation of our market and stricter regulations. That’s exactly why Rentalier was established.

I’ve developed the Rentalier program to help both new and experienced business owners. The teachings are designed to help you create and maintain a profitable and bulletproof vacation rental business that will last.

All monies from the Rentalier program will be used to help fight back against unfair business practices of corporate giants, strict regulations by creating resources, material, and hands-on help for owners and managers.

Funds will be used to fund alternative advertising channels who are owner and manager friendly

Here’s how…


Cut The Learning Curve By 70%

Getting Started In The Business

Furnishing Tips and Advice

Housekeeping Tools and Resources

Avoid Branding Mistakes and Legal Issues

Sidestep Common Pitfalls and Problems

Improve Your Business Productivity Exponentially

Get Your Branding Done Right – The First Time

What Domain Name Should You Use And Why

How To Design a Website That Delivers Bookings

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online Marketing Resources

Email Marketing Techniques

How To Deal With Dissatisfaction and Bad Reviews

Best Places To Advertise Your Vacation Rental

And much much more! Everything you need to be a Rentalier!



Rentalier opens on 8-10-2017 – Get yourself on the list by Joining BreakAway today!


The Rentalier Program is a paid program. BreakAwayVR presents an exclusive offer to owners, managers, and entrepreneurs by including the Rentalier program in their subscrpitions for members.




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