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What To Do In San Diego County California

San Diego County

Desert, Beaches, Nature, History and Native Americans – San Diego County Has It All

San Diego County, California, features more than 100kilometerss of coast and has a Mediterranean climate, which makes it one of the best vacation destinations in the USA.

As a county in the Golden State of California, San Diego County offers superb beaches.

Even more impressive than the fact that they are some of the finest and most picturesque, you can go there any time of the year.

 The sun is shining in San Diego County almost 365 day a year! San Elijo, Moonlight, Carsbad, San Onofre, Cardfiff, Torey Pines and Silver Strand State Beach are just a few of those spectacular summer spots.

Get a tan, feel the ocean breeze, build a sandcastle and ride the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

San Diego County is also home to nearly twenty Indian reservations.

The total territory they enclose is more than 500 square kilometres.

A great place to enjoy nature is the El Capitan Reservoir.

It is maintained by the El Capitan Dam in the San Diego River.

In the summer season, El Capitan is perfect for boating, water-skiing and having a picnic.
It is also a popular destination for hiking in the woodlands, its coastline and the breathtaking views towards the ocean and the mountains.

The Mission Trails Regional Park offers some of the best trails for mountain bikers.

It unites cultural, recreational and historical sites. The trails length reaches 40 miles of spectacular hills and vast California fields.

The Anza-Borrego State Park is an absolute must-see when visiting San Diego County.

It is not only California’s biggest state park but it also features the greatest flora and fauna diversity.

The name of the park comes from the Spanish word for the bighorn sheep that inhabit the area.

Unfortunately, you might not spot any sheep as they blend into the desert environment and are really timid.
On the territory of the present park, there was once a tropical forest.
Anza-Borrego features excellent fossil collection of plants, animals and shells, some of which date from millions of years ago.
The lands of Anza-Borrego State Park were once inhabited by the Cahuilla, Kumeyaay and Diegueno Indian tribes, whose art has been preserved.

One of the main attractions in the park is the Palm Canyon – a harsh contrast between the landscape of gorges and deserts to the path surrounded by palms welcoming you to explore the life of Native Americans.

Some other gems in the state park crown of San Diego are the Cuyamaca Rancho, Torrey Pines and Palomar Mountains as well as the Tijuana River Natural Estuary.

On your list of to-visit places, you should definitely include Mission Bay with its superb summer recreation facilities, Cleverland National Forest and the Presidio Park.

Another great park is the Balboa located in the city of San Diego.

It features the San Diego Zoo as well. For a more adventurous experience, you should go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which will introduce to you antelopes, buffaloes, cranes, giraffes and rhinos.

Some of the best spots there are the Lion Camp, Condor Ridge, African Woods and the Nairobi Village.

For a genuine glimpse into the history of San Diego County, head to the Mission San Diego de Alcala, Old Town San Diego Historical park, Cabrillo National Monument and the famous Point Loma and visit a pueblo to learn how the Native Americans once lived.

California is famous for its superb vineyards and San Diego County is no exception.

The Ramona Valley is an excellent wine region with vast fields and cellars suitable for a genuine wine tour and tasting.

San Diego County is colourful and vivid, sunny and welcoming every day of the year!


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