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Sevierville: The Great Smoky Mountain Getaway Town

Sevierville is full of amazing things to do. The Tennessee town is set in the Smoky Mountains, and is one of the best cities to enjoy wildlife and everything nature.


Fun Fact: Sevierville is the birthplace of Dolly Parton!


Horseback riding is big in Sevierville, and so is hiking in the deep forests of the Smokys.


For horseback riding, the town has many stables just minutes from the city’s center. The strong breeds are specifically used for climbing the Smoky Mountain’s rough and wild terrains, and the fearless steeds do a great job coping with the ups, downs and even crossing the many streams. Many of the stables provide you with a tour guide that knows the mountains like the back of their hand, so you would never have a problem going on an all-day excursion or a week-long mountain retreat.


Something really interesting you’ll find in Sevierville is llama trekking. The adorable animals will take the load off your shoulders by trekking with you and carrying all your supplies. The llamas are all very well trained and they even have smaller llamas, so even the little ones can have a buddy to tag along with on the hike. You can book a day long trip or a week-long trip as well.


An off-the-beaten path to visit while in Sevierville is the Forbidden Caves. The caves have been carved out over millions of year from flowing water, and you can see the fantastic hidden beauty up close and personal. During the tour of the cave, they shut off the lights a couple of times and all you have to navigate is a lantern that is given upon entrance. The guides tell the legends of Hell’s Gates and other tales of the beautiful cave.



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Sevierville is full of amazing things to do. The Tennessee town is set in the Smoky Mounta [more]


Those that love shows have to see some of the performances at the Smoky Mountain Palace. The massive auditorium features one of the most interesting performances you’ll find in the state, Cirque De Chine.


Cirque De Chine is a Chinese acrobatics show that highlights Chinese culture and history. Professional acrobat demonstrate some of the most advanced high-flying moves you’ll probably ever see.


There are other cultural heritage performances that take place in the auditorium as well and most are just as popular. Check out the Palace schedule to see if you can reserve a seat during your trip to the town.


Sevierville also has many animal exhibits and small zoos to visit- kids love the animals in Sevierville. There is even a zoo that showcases exotic animals.


The options for fun are really unlimited in this beautiful little Smoky Mountain town, and you’ll just have to see for yourself!


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Sevierville is full of amazing things to do. The Tennessee town is set in the Smoky Mounta [more]
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