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South Padre Mexico, your place for pleasure in the sun


South Padre Mexico, your place for pleasure in the sun

Leave your passport at home and visit one of the best holiday resorts in the Gulf of Mexico.

South Padre, is an island resort in the South Eastern corner of Texas, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

With the ocean beach to the East and the sheltered waters of Laguna Madre Bay to the West, there’s something for everyone in this tropical paradise.

The history of this place goes back to 1519 when Spanish explorer Alonzo de Pineda charted it.

The first settlement was established in 1804 and the bridge from the mainland was completed in 1974.

Drive there if you want, or fly and get a shuttle.

The bridge to the mainland means you can come and go whenever you want.

No waiting for ferries or local flights. The climate is a real treat.

With more than 250 days of sunshine and temperatures averaging 65 degrees, the island enjoys soft gentle sea breezes and gorgeous sunsets.

Developers recognized the opportunity for visitors seeking rest and relaxation long ago and there has been a lot of holiday development on the island.

Get a stunning accommodation package in one of the condo’s, or rent a holiday home and have a family reunion.

Or if holiday resorts are your thing, you’ll find lots of exciting places to stay, close to the water’s edge.

Go fishing, bird watching, (even the feathered ones if you want) walk the beaches, shop the shops.

Or for the more energetic, why not hire a windsurfer or a yacht and skim the sparkling waters of the Gulf.

You can go horseback riding or take a trip out to see the dolphins and turtles.

Visit the Dolphin and Nature Research Center which supervises the wildlife encounters.

There are over 300 bird species in the bay, so if nature is your thing, there’s plenty to discover in the beauty of the natural environment.

Take a day off the island to visit nearby Port Isabel. A pretty little fishing village at the mainland end of the bridge.

With its very own lighthouse nearby. Or if you want to trip down to Mexico, its only 30 miles to Matamoras. Drive there or catch a tour, for the day.

Get some genuine Mexican souvenirs and local crafts. The island gets over a million visitors a year.

Many return year after year for some time in the sun, away from the rush and bustle of their workaday worlds.

In fact, many like it so much, they retire here. It’s the same Latitude as Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so it’s a great place to live for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle, far from the frozen winters of the North

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