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The Texas Gulf Coast

Having literally hundreds of miles of coastal saltwater fishing, it’s not a surprise that the Texas Gulf Coast is one of the popular destinations for game fishing. The unfailing beauty of this portion of the Gulf Coast, which is settled in the heart of the cowboy capital, attracts many visitors to its islands and rural coastal towns as well.

This is the place for a true down-home Texas experience. The coast isn’t limited to its fishing trips and beach fun either; it houses some of the most authentic Western attractions, too, bringing the Wild West back to life in the 21st century.

Find what you are looking for on the long span of coast that is Texas’ Gulf Coast region.

This Texas playground draws in millions of visitors every year, often just to see the renowned nature and wildlife that inhabit the region. Some tourists come to shop for one-of-a-kind merchandise that is only found in the region, expressing the strong mix of ranchers and fisherman.

The coast’s peninsulas, islands, cities, towns, beaches, and parks, all express the region’s astounding allure. It’s also the home of NASA’s command center for America’s spaceflight programs. There really is something for everyone in the wondrous Texas Gulf Coast.

As you’ll hear when you get to the region, fishing the coast is an enlivening experience. The locals will tell you that the biggest fish in the Gulf can be caught right off a rock groin along the shore, and it’s free!

Saltwater game fishing is a popular sport that attracts many to the emerald waters of Texas’ Gulf Coast. You can easily charter a boat to take you up to 100 miles off the coast, depending on what you’re looking to catch. The bountiful Gulf is brimming with almost every game fish imaginable.

The locals are always willing to tell you about the best spots for catching trout, redfish, flounder and any other prized catch you are searching for. So, when you get the itch to fish, cast your line out and “reel em’ in” as they say here.

The Texas’ Gulf Coast has a wealth of history and actually had its own navy centuries ago before there was an established government military system to protect its shores from attack. What other state can say that?

The Comanche Indians also called the coast home through the years and you can still find arrowheads in some of the small towns near the coast. There are also many historic piers, lighthouses, jetties, and bridges along the coastal run.

The coast’s historic and tranquil small towns such as Palacios, Rockport, and Fulton will inspire you to rethink the place you currently live.

Visit the Texas coast that runs from the Sabine River and West to the Rio Grande. Discover the lore of the West while soaking up the sun on the many beaches, walking through the many quaint towns and while fishing from a stone groin extending out to sea.


Stop in Houston for a wild night of parties, just a few miles away, some of Texas’ most sophisticated nightlife haunts can be found there when the sun drops from the sky. Bring home a pair of hand-stitched leather boots or a handmade leather wallet.

Whatever you decide to do on the Texas Gulf Coast, you are promised a time that will forever live in your heart. The family will beg you to go back year after year.


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