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Explore an Elegant Piece of American History at the Biltmore Estate & Village in Asheville, NC

Explore an Elegant Piece of American History at the Biltmore Estate & Village in Asheville, NC

The Biltmore Estate is probably one of my most favorite places ever! You truly feel like you are transported back in time.

This impressive home is a masterpiece in more than the artistic sense of the word. With 250 rooms full of stunning architecture, the Biltmore Estate rightly claims its famous place in US history. Plus, it’s only a short drive away from Blue Ridge Sanctuary.

There is something for the entire family at the Biltmore:

  • Take a tour, either on your own, with an audio guide, or with an expert guide
  • Bike, fish, take a carriage ride, or more at the Outdoor Adventure Center and play area
  • Taste the famous Biltmore wine
  • Learn about the Vanderbuilt family and their travels
  • Admire original works of art from the family’s collection
  • Enjoy a meal from the Bistro, Café, Dining Room, or more, with a range of options from casual to elegant
  • Walk through the gardens and grounds of the estate
  • Explore the barn, smokehouse, and mercantile shop
  • Shop at the various stores around the house and village, including the Toymaker’s, Confectionary, and Carriage House

You won’t be able to get enough of the stories as you learn about the Estate’s history: opening the house up to the public, storing priceless works of art during the Second World War, and bringing a well-known wine master over to plant vines on the property.
And the gardens! You’ll love taking a walk and seeing the gorgeous flowers, bushes, and trees.

My Favorites
My favorite tour is the Vine to Wine tour, where you get to see the actual vineyards of their Winery and enjoy a Grand Tasting of Biltmore’s fine collection of wines and bubbly.
And to eat, stop by Cedric’s Tavern at the winery, where you can dine al fresco. Or enjoy a cocktail on the Terrace at the Library Lounge located at the Inn on Biltmore Estate. The view are best from this terrace!

When should you come?
Spring – There tends to be less traffic in the spring, plus during the spring you get to see the beautiful “Biltmore Blooms” – daffodils, tulips, azaleas, and the most fragrant roses.
Christmas – But Christmastime is also very special with their Candlelight Christmas Evenings. The grounds are so beautifully decorated and the house is filled with Christmas trees and candlelight and live music that just echoes through this enchanting castle.
Fall – And, of course, fall is the most spectacular time to visit Biltmore and Asheville because the views from the Estate are breathtaking and the fall foliage is simply stunning.
Get Your Tickets in Advance
Please note that you must get tickets well in advance, at least two months ahead. A date and time slot will be booked for you and your family.

Parking is not an issue, as there are plenty of parking areas and buses that can take you up to the House and around the Estate.
Be prepared for large crowds and lines, but know that it is totally worth the wait!

Get Your Tickets Now
Don’t be one of those people who merely drive by the Biltmore Estate, casting a longing glance in its direction. Make the time to visit it properly so you can admire all of its beauty and grandeur. One day may not be enough! In fact, I really believe you need two full days to tour the House and the entire Estate.



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