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Top 10 Curacao Most Beautiful Beaches, Caribbean

Curacao – Top 10 Best Beaches On The Island!

Just within earshot of the north coast of Venezuela stretches one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

It is the scenic island of Curacao- pristine white sandy beaches and hidden scenic communities, ship remains, shaded hammocks with palm trees…paradise for honeymoons, romantic voyages, and luxury leisure.

Seek and you shall find the Top 10 Curacao most beautiful beaches – the next destination for your vacation getaway.

1. Mambo Beach

Mambo Beach













Featuring tall palms and calm turquoise waters, Mambo beach remains one of the most famous paradise beaches on the island.

The calm surface of the water and the tiny sparkling waves deliver a unique sense tranquility.

One side of the white sand beach stretches a number of exotic hotels resorts, pool bars with lounge chairs, pools, shopping, restaurants and more.


2. Porto Marie Beach

Porto Marie Beach

Porto Marie Beach is perhaps the most beautiful and idyllic beach on the Curacao`s west coast.

Watch colorful fish splash around the waves only a few meters from the beach, relax under the refreshing shades of the tall palms, or go for a romantic stroll on the pier.

It is easily accessible, thanks to a spacious parking lot that is just behind the beach.


3. Boca Grande Beach

Boca Grande Beach

Boca Grande Beach is the next temptation in this list, located along the northern coast of the island.

This means more powerful waves and overwhelming crashing sounds to enjoy.

The hidden beach is the perfect spot to visit when the weather is calm and sunny, but the vistas from atop the coastal cliffs are even more irresistible during a tropical storm or sunset maybe.


4. Hulu Beach

Hulu Beach

Hulu Beach is also located on the northwestern coast of the island. The main way for transportation to the beach is via boat tour.

Yes, Hulu Beach is absolutely isolated from the rest of the island via steep and rocky rugged cliffs from one side and calm blue waters from the other side.

It is a tiny little stretch of a heavenly secluded beach and makes from for the best romantic beach getaway. 


5. Vaarsenbaai Beach

Vaarsenbaai Beach

Vaarsenbaai Beach features a huge scenic underwater reef just in front the beach.

It is a beautiful and powerful magnet for all the snorkelers, divers, scuba divers and underwater adventurers from all over the world. The underwater visibility is a 100 meters.


6. Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Beach is another tropical sandy jewel along the northwestern coast of the island.

Its beautiful crescent shape is fronted by a huge bay with calm turquoise waters.

Enjoy a delicious bite at the beach-front bar with plentiful seafood dishes and unique cocktails. 

From swimming, to diving and boating – even a full day might be insufficient time to fully enjoy this gem.


7. Lagun Beach

Lagun Beach

Lagun Beach is a miracle piece of tropical paradise that should be high on your trip list. Only a blink of the eye is enough to fall completely in love with the colors and views on the beach.

Steep dark cliffs surround the quaint peaceful beach from all sides. The views are spectacular.

Sit on the warm white sand and count waves or go an an adventure among the cliffs. Either way, Lagun Beach is a must see!


8. Knipbaai Beach

Knipbaai Beach

Knipbaai Beach is one of the most irresistible beaches, thanks to a remote location at the end of steep green-topped mountains with mangroves and other lush tropical vegetation.

The beach itself opens into the ocean with a long stretch of fine white sand,
The shore is dotted by lounge chairs, sunbeds, traditional straw umbrellas, private tropical lodges and plenty of other amenities.

The best thing is that Knipbaai Beach consists of two huge beaches – Klein Knipbaai Beach and Groot Knipbaai Beach.


9. Kalki Beach

Kalki Beach

Kalki Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful Curacao beaches and it is also the northernmost one.

A small size of the beach offers natural escape and complete isolation.

Lush green-topped cliffs and dark sparkling stones within the white sand make Kalki Beach absolutely stunning and unique. 

And that is only above the surface of the water. Underwater lives a completely different world, even more colorful and irresistible than imaginable.


10. Las Aves Beach

Las Aves Beach

Las Aves Beach is perhaps the most remote beach in this part of the Caribbean.

It is located east of Curacao on a completely isolated and unrivaled archipelago, where you can find the best private relaxation.

This beach is accessible only by water and the archipelago itself too. You may often have Las Aves Beach all to yourself.

Choose your own lovely stretch of fine sandy beach and transport yourself to the southern Caribbean Sea. Prepare a cup with rum punch, grab your favorite shades, sunscreen, swimsuit and enjoy the adventure!

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