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Travel Back in Time in Williamsburg

Travel Back in Time in Williamsburg

One of the best places often visited by tourists and travelers from all over the world is Williamsburg not only because of its attractions and a wide selection of activities but mainly because of its very rich historical cultures.

If you are looking to go back in time and get a glimpse of the sixteenth through eighteenth-century living, then do not miss this chance. Williamsburg is just the place for you.

Historic facts
Williamsburg is situated on the Virginia Peninsula with a population of more than 12,000.

It was known as the Middle Plantation and was also recognized as the capital of the British colony in the year 1699.

It became an official city in the year 1722. Williamsburg, together with Jamestown and Yorktown, make up the historical triangle.

After the burning of Jamestown in the year 1676, Williamsburg became the temporary capital.

A civil war was also fought there in the year 1862 between Confederates and McClellan’s forces.

Restoration of the city began in 1926 with the financial support of John Rockfeller Jr.

There’s a variety of places which you can visit when you decide to stay in Williamsburg.

If you are looking for amusements, you may try going to Great World Lodge, Water Country USA, or Busch Gardens.

For twenty-one years, the latter was known as the most beautiful park.

It is made up of more than 50 rides which people can enjoy.

It also features stage shows and hosts world-class shopping and culinary experiences.

If you want to see America from 17th to early 19th century, visit Dewitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum.

Among other places visited by tourists, there is the Bruton Parish Episcopal Church which was built in the year 1715 and has provided the spiritual needs of famous individuals, such as, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

Williamsburg is also famous because of the William and Mary College.

It is proud to have had four US presidents among its graduates.

Things to do
A lot of travelers visit Williamsburg because of the wide array of exciting activities which they can do when they get there.

If you wish to experience a tour in which your guide is a ghost from the 18th century, then you may like to try Spooks and Legends Ghost Tours.

On the contrary, if you are afraid to join this ghostly guide, there are also educational as well as fun historic tours.

If you’re into crime solving then the Kings Arms Tavern is where to be.

Use you’re skills and solve a comedy murder mystery while enjoying a sumptuous dinner.

If you are an artist and want to see contemporary paintings, crafts, and sculptures then This Century Art Gallery is just the place for you.

You can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities in Williamsburg because of its mild four season climate all year round.

Williamsburg has a temperate and seasonal climate. Spring and summer are the wettest seasons.

It has a mean annual temperature of 16°C.

Special Events
Among the significant special events celebrated in Williamsburg are Earth Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Military Appreciation Month, Williamsburg Farmers Market, and St. Patrick’s Scavenger Hunt

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