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The Vacation Rental Listing Alliance

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The Vacation Rental Listing Alliance

What if vacation rental listing sites joined forces and cooperated instead of competing with one another?

The team at BreakAwayVR would like to explore this unorthodox idea.

Just like anything, there could be potential challenges that would need to be worked out. However, we believe if vacation rental listing sites are able to create some common sense synergy and collaborate with each other we could help the community further by cooperating instead of competing.

Think about the potential impact this type of mutually beneficial cooperation could have for our indsutry.

Could a “Vacation Rental Listing Alliance” help organize and defragment the book direct initiative behind the scenes while amplifying the reach of the book direct message to the world.

What if we could aggregate vacation rental inventory and possibly help cross promote rentals for owners and managers.

What if we were able to create a network of cooperative book direct/no fee sites with benefits for everyone who participate.

Could this work?

If there was more cooperation between listing sites could we stand together to influence positive changes and play a part in preventing negative ones?

There are many in our community who are and have created regional, national and International vacation rental listing alternatives, some I’ve even built for them.

I support the movement and success of ALL respectable sites that are supporting owners and managers in their movement to break away from unfriendly vacation rental sites.

We’d like to open the door to discuss this opportunity of collaborating with other site owners and rental agencies.

What do you think? Could the industry benefit from this type of collaboration?

If you have a vacation rental listing site, agency or related business and would like to consider an alliance with Break Away Vacation Rentals, please contact us at info@breakawayvacationrentals.com

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