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Top 5 Must-Visit Cities in the US

Unlike the glossed-up version seen in most Hollywood movies, the U.S is actually a huge, diverse country, and is such a delight to discover.

First up, when is the best time to visit the States? As huge as the nation is, there are different times of the year to best enjoy the sights. Generally, summer is considered the best time of the year to pay a visit to the great nation.  However, I’d say the months of September to October are great because the weather is nice and most of the summer crowds have dispersed.

Revealing the Top 5 Must-Visit Cities in the US

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to the US from another country, or if you’re an American who hasn’t been out of state, you should definitely check out the top five places to visit in the US below:

1.    New York City
The Big Apple is the quintessential American city to visit. Aside from earning a reputation of being the city that never sleeps, New York is also one of the most fascinating cities in the world with an unmatched skyline. It’s also the center of culture and the arts, making New York a city that you should definitely include in your “Places to visit before I die” list.

2.    Boston
A city which is populated with vibrant neighborhoods, Boston is a place which has a personality that is all its own. Take your pick from touring the fashionable streets of Back Bay, the colourful and delicious-smelling Chinatown, to the historical North End neighborhood. Other must-stop-by spots here include Boston Common, the Old North Church, Bunker Hill or the house of Paul Revere.

3.    San Francisco
Home to the famous Golden Gate Bridge, there are many splendid sights offered by San Francisco. Take a day trip to Napa Valley to taste some wine, check out Fisherman’s Warf or go to Lake Tahoe, also known as the “jewel of the Sierras”.

4.    Las Vegas
No list will ever be complete without Las Vegas, an entire city populated with five-star hotels, casinos, spas and world-class golf courses. But if you’re a nature lover, you will also not be disappointed with the city because you can easily take a day trip from here to some of the most amazing natural wonders in the US like Grand Canyon, Death Valley or the Colorado River.

5.    Orlando
Those who are indulging in the family, wholesome outings should definitely not miss out on visiting Disney World, the most popular and widely-visited recreational resort in the world. While you’re there, you should also check out Universal Orlando Resort and Seaworld.


The above list is by no means exhaustive! There are plenty of other unique American cities that you can visit and still have one of the grandest vacations ever.

So what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and travel the U.S!

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