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Visit The Mountains of Breckenridge Colorado

The Breckenridge Area –

The history of the largest and oldest town in Summit County, Colorado – Breckenridge – begins with its initial role as a mining community, similarly to many other towns in the county.

Illustrative examples of those times are the 250 buildings that are now included on the National Historic Register.

The area also has the oldest museum in the state of Colorado, dating back to 1875, the Edwin Carter Museum.

Exploring the downtown, you don’t forget to drop by and visit the Church raised by “Father” Dyer, a wandering Methodist minister who frequently visited the town.

The area is an attractive alpine resort with its 2,358 acres, snowy slopes, and incredible ski conditions for both amateur and advanced skiers.

You can also marvel at the natural beauty of the four peaks, serving as a picturesque background.

The resort is alive with activity during all four seasons.

In summer, when the slopes are covered with soft green grass and refreshing fragrances of the flowers fill in the air, a ski lift will take you into the colorful panorama and lead you to stunning hiking trails.

What could be more refreshing and invigorating than a peaceful ramble in the wilds!

Golfing, bicycling or off-road rides that will lead you to quaint ghost towns are other options for outdoor activity.

A special bike trail system, linking Breckenridge with the neighboring towns, is an invigorating physical challenge.

The cuisine in the area is an interesting blend of seafood, Italian, Mexican, continental, and of course, there are unpretentious places for a quick meal.

Lodgings vary from old-fashioned bed-and-breakfast inns to luxurious ski resorts.

You can take advantage of family vacation packages or different discounts.


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The Breckenridge Area – The history of the largest and oldest town in Summit County, [more]

The area enjoys numerous annual festivals, among the foremost of which is the Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships, the Ullr Fest, honoring the Nordic god of snow, held in the winter.

Summer is the time when the yearly music festival takes place at the Riverwalk Center.

As one can easily predict, winter is the most attractive tourist season since it brings the snow and a series of art performances and events.

Exciting outdoor fun such as dog sledding, snowshoeing and sledding will keep your spirits bright.

You will adore the Arts District, the Main Street boutiques, the snow sculptures, the parades celebrating the snowfall and the spring skiing parties.

The Main Street of the Victorian town will enchant you with its well-preserved old-times edifices.

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