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Win A Free Vacation Rental Photo Shoot!

Posted by Jay William on

free professional vacation rental photography shoot for holiday homes | Villas


Win A Free Professional Vacation Rental Photo Shoot!

At Break Away Vacation Rentals we’re actively looking for meaningful ways to help vacation rental businesses.  
That’s why we’re giving away a free professional photography package to one lucky winner right here. It could be you!
It’s 100% free! We’ll cover the cost of sending out a professional photographer from our global network of photographers to your property to take quality photos of your rental. 
The winner of the giveaway will own full rights to those photographs and can use them in any way they like.
Why are we giving away a free photo shoot?
Poor photos are a common problem! I’m always sifting through property listings and still don’t understand why there are so many truly great properties with sub-par photos. 

I can’t help but think
to myself – if they only had better photos. Do they know they could be making more money from additional bookings and create a higher demand for their rental?

We’re taking this opportunity 
to help and remind us all how important photos are to our rental marketing and the overall success of our business.
To make it fun and interesting, while further helping to draw attention to that lucky winner’s property, we’ll also post before and after photos on our vacation rental blog and social media channels (Free Marketing).
We’ll showcase the winner’s new property photos, so everyone can see how professional photos can transform a vacation rental business.
Our hope is to help by inspiring others to follow suit on getting high-quality images to represent their properties properly.
Be sure to follow along with us. We’ll be kicking off a series of posts dedicated to vacation rental photography tips, hacks and best practices from start to finish.
If you’ve ever heard words like “the pictures don’t do the home justice” then you may need new photos.

Hotels are a competing form of accommodations and they know how to book more rooms.

They almost always have amazing photos and now (on many vacation rental listing sites) they’re advertising these hotels beside your property.

If you want to stay competitive in these morphing marketplaces you’ll need to up your photo game!
Professional photos will help you;
Stand out.
Increase the perceived value of your rental.
Create confidence and trust through quality.
Offer a better sense of your place.
Could your business benefit from a free professional photo shoot?
Throw your hat in the ring for a chance to win – It’s super easy!
Simply leave a comment on how a free photo shoot could help you in the comment section below. Please include your name and property details.
Also, follow us on Facebook where we’ll be announcing the winner! – https://www.facebook.com/breakawayvacationrental/
We will be announcing the winner of our photo shoot giveaway on May 20th.
If you know someone in need of a photo shoot tell them about the giveaway!
Best Of Luck To You!
Jay William
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44 thoughts on “Win A Free Vacation Rental Photo Shoot!

  • Melanie

    I know I need new photos badly. Its been tough to adapt to all these new changes and I havent had the income I used to, to spring for a photo shoot. I used my phone and with all that is happening in Hawaii I could use some help. My name is Melanie 2 bedroom home in Oahu. Thanks for helping! Hope I win!

    • Hi Melanie, sounds like you can use some help – fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing your story.

  • We would love to have a photoshoot of our property here in the Cabo area. People love this area and professional photos will sure help draw them to our lovely beachfront villa. Saludos,Lynn and Lynn

    • Hi there Lynn! You’re in!

      Be sure to follow us on Facebook that’s where we’ll announce the winner!

  • Would love to have a photoshoot of my brand new property Ridge View Lodge in the Smoky Mountains (coming soon) – a 5 bd custom post and beam mountain home.

    • Hi Victoria,

      Congratulations on your new property. I bet the views we could capture would be amazing! Thanks for participating!

  • The “money” shot is the single most important thing for attracting travelers.

    • Show me the money!!!! Definitely gotta use that “money” shot as the hook that reels travelers in for sure! Thanks for pointing that out Paul!

  • Photos are the most significant factor in marketing and attracting people to your property. Unfortunately, they must be taken seasonally in order to get the best outdoor shots, especially if the exterior of the property is important to the guest experience. We can never travel to our property during the summer, when the best photos can be had, so an opportunity like this could be really beneficial!

    • Hi Robert, so true a proper presentation of a property should include photos of all seasons. It makes for great listings and shareable content. Please let us know a bit about your property like location and property type. Thank you!

  • Photos are invaluable and we need to have them done professionally for our 2 vacation/corporate rental properties in Anchorage Alaska. Thanks!

    • Hi Darlene, they are indeed! I’d love to see your properties if you have a link to share with us please do!


  • Our properties were last shop 4 years ago. We need new photos as many things changed.
    We run 5 small apartments in the center of Budapesr, Hungary.

    • Hi Virag – long time no hear! Glad to see you here. It’s becoming apparent from comments like yours and others that photography is a reoccurring investment due to changes and updates made at the property. Good luck Virag and thanks for joining in!

  • We have extremely unique properties al on streams, waterfalls and creeks in the Catskill Mountains just two hours from NYC. In addition we have just created a Tiny House Resort on 1/2 mile of stream frontage.-111-

    • Hi Bob, your properties are unique and those streams… 🙂 It’s confirmed you’re in!

  • Pictures tell the story of what it would be like to spend some time away from home while feeling as comfortable as being at home but away from it all. Everyone wants to know beforehand what they are getting themselves into and the right pictures can convey a feeling of making the right choice.

  • Thank you for the opportunity, would love some great photos of our place!

    • Hi Wendy – please share with us where your properties are located and some basic information to complete your entry. You can simply reply to this comment. Thank you

      • Hi Jay, my properties are in North Idaho on Twin Lakes, I own one called DayStar Lodge and manage two others for their owners. All are lakefront and sleep from the smallest at a sleeps 6 to the other two that sleep up to 10. I started in 2010 bought and sold 2 and am now on the third, I enjoy helping people have a great time away from it all with their families.
        We have had professional photos in the past and they make a huge difference, but the place/decor changes all the time so some up to date photos would be wonderful!
        Thank you for the opportunity!

        • The Twin Lakes are just north of Coeur d’Alene which is what most people are familiar with, also only 13 miles from the Silverwood Theme Park which is a western themed park (roller coasters, etc..). Many families come from all over to go there, it’s the closest thing to Disney Land we have in the Pacific Northwest and parts of Canada.

  • Kristen H Corrigan

    We would love new photos! We’ve made many new changes to furnishings and it’s expensive to keep hiring a photographer each year. Thanks for the opportunity to throw our name in the hat!

    • Hi Kristen – please share with us where your properties are located and some basic information to complete your entry. You can simply reply to this comment. Thank you

      • Kristen H Corrigan

        Our home is in Miramar Beach, FL which neighbors Destin. Our quiet gated community is a quiet little spot near all of the popular activities and beautiful Gulf Coast white sandy beaches!

  • We recently made several improvements to our home in Kissimmee, Florida. The new photos would be wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance at this, Jay!

    • Hi Wendy, you’re in my neck of the woods! Would love to help! We’ve got you down. Thanks for your submission.

  • We are in the process of leaving the big 3 companies, so I know we will need all the help we can get to make our VR stand out from the many on Hilton Head Island. Thanks for the chance to enter!

    • Hi Rosanne, we’d love to help you Break Away from the “big 3!” You’re entered. Best of luck to you!

  • We have owned our villa in Florida for nearly 15 years. In that time we have totally re-modelled it into a beautiful and welcoming family home. Now we may need some professional photos to show it off!!

  • Jay
    I would love to have a new photos for either of my Pawleys Island South Carolina properties. I have 2 condos both 3 bedroom 2 bath on a top rated golf course.
    Margaret DeFuria

    • Hi Margaret, Pawleys Island S.C. is in the house! Thanks for entering!

  • Our condo in Orange Beach is only a one bedroom; therefore, the rooms are on the small side and it’s hard to get good pictures. Only good ones are from the balcony showing the beautiful view of the beach. Would love to have a professional photographer showcase the unit.

    • HI Dottie, hmm interesting challenge. I think a lens designed to capture more of the room is what is needed to get the full view of the interior of the property. Fortunately, this is not a challenge for our photographers. Thanks for submitting your property Dottie!

  • I know killer pictures or KEY! We are always trying to improve our pictures and I would love to have some help! Get your photographer to Cape San Blas, FL! He/She will THANK YOU!!

    • Hi Wendy, thanks for joining the party! I’ve become familiar with Cape San Blas! Great vacation getaway for people and pets 🙂

      • Love to have you come enjoy one of our rentals and the beautiful dog-friendly beaches too! There is no place quite like the Cape :-)!

  • Hi Jay,

    Sure would love to be able to showcase what it is really like to stay at The Cozy Moose.
    I tell everyone if you like what you see online, it is better once you get here! Send your photographer here for inspiration and adventure.
    Thanks, Heather

    • HI Heather, welcome! Please share some info on the property type and location. We’d love to help you better showcase The Cozy Moose!!

      • Hi Jay,
        Property Type: Lakefront- Mountain – Romantic – Family – Adventure – Sightseeing – Wildlife – Private vacation cabin rentals by owners. Lakeside Rental Property on New England’s Largest Lake – Glacial Moosehead Lake nestled in Mountains on the water and in the woods. Enjoy a wellness vacation with award winning views, sunsets and wildflower gardens. Looking to showcase the cabins and property feature – “Location is a Luxury” – Jay Williams

  • Great Photos are SO Important! We love a free shoot as construction is nearly completed!

    • Hey there Dawn! Awesome it’d be great to see that new property of yours! Congrats! Isla Muerjes Mexico is in the building!

  • We’ve just announced the Winner on our Facebook page. See who won! – https://www.facebook.com/breakawayvacationrental/

    Thanks to everyone for entering! More free stuff coming! Follow us on Facebook to get in on the next one!

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