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Explore California’s Wine Country | Taste Napa Valley Divine Wines

Let Yourself be Elated in Wine Country

The Wine Country is located in the northern part of California and is most famous for it’s numerous wine cellars (as you may have guessed by its name!)

Some say that the Wine Country is the American version of Italy’s Tuscany region. They look similar in landscape, but the valleys in the Wine Country preserve its own unique picturesque sight.

The region features the one and only Napa Valley as well as Dry Creek Valley, Bennet Valley and Sonoma Valley-all known for the most delectable grapes and wine in the whole United States. The tradition of wine-making has been part of North California’s lifestyle since the middle of the 19th century, and has really become the most significant feature of it.

Actually, the city of Sonoma is considered to be the birthplace of Californian and American wine producing which definitely makes it a place worth visiting by anyone who appreciates good wine. 😉

Since 1975, the wine-making industry has made great leaps! Today, you can find more than four hundred wine cellars that offer not only wine-tastings, but education on the way the wine is made and tips on how to appreciate the divine drunk.

For those who discover themselves in the previous category, Wine Country has incredible farmer’s markets displaying the newest assortments of wine, local food and other produce as well as amazing hand-made crafts and great live performances by local musicians.

Don’t assume that the only activity in Wine Country is tasting wine!

You may enjoy golf, picnics and even fly in a hot air balloon.

The region offers a great deal of historical sites as well as hiking paths to fully enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Wine Country.

Throughout the hilly region, you will find small wine cellars as well as little craft ateliers or some bigger wine factories.

The best time to visit is between Spring and Autumn to fully indulge in the vast, lush fields of grapes, feel the famous sun of California and the fresh breeze of summer.

So what are you waiting for?

Take a trip to the Wine Country today!


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